Day 7 – Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Special day! I’m having three people extra for lunch today, a friend and her two grandchildren aged 11 and 8 years. She is planning hip replacement surgery for arthritis, and is overweight. She wants to lose weight before the surgery, and is interested in the WFPB plan. We’ll have lunch first, then watch Forks over Knives. She’s supposed to come over at 11:30 or 12.

I’m planning to make a salad, and have beans (red kidney, yellow eye, with onion), rice, kale greens, and corn on the cob.  I just had the usual breakfast of oats and blueberries.

I started chopping and cooking about 10 o’clock and got everything ready by 11:30; then my friend didn’t show up on time. I called about 12:30, and she said, “Oh, that’s tomorrow.” After thinking about it, I remembered that she was right, she had another commitment for Wednesday. But by then, it was 1:30, and she was through with her commitment. So I said come on over. She did, with her 3 (add a 10 month old) children. We had lunch at about 2:30, and the older kids learned how to strip kale leaves, and they ate everything offered between the two of them. Then we watched FOK, and the kids watched also, paying attention very well for their ages.  My friend totally got the implications of the data presented in the film. She’s converted.  

All turned out well.  Ed is cleaning up the kitchen. Relaxing is on the program for the rest of the day. Cherries, an orange, and toasted pita was enough for supper.

So that’s how a week of whole food plant based preparation and eating went for me, mixed in with normal daily real life.


I am a 75 year old retired M.D. radiologist, always interested in staying healthy by eating natural foods and avoiding pharmaceuticals, four years ago converted to the Whole Food Plant Based diet and lifestyle by watching Forks Over Knives and Fed Up. This blog follows my path in sticking with this rather extreme program and keeping it simple, hopefully useful to others who want to live long and prosper without open heart surgery and chemotherapy.

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