Day 5 – Monday, July 15, 2019

Day 5 – Monday, July 15, 2019

Oops! I missed Monday. I did have my oats and blueberries for breakfast, a late breakfast, and went with my daughter to her doctor’s appointment. She has CKD, and has to be on a low-potassium and low-sodium diet.  Doing that with WFPB, now that’s difficult.

So I had half an apple and a pita toast before we left at 1pm, and leftover potato casserole when I got back at around 5. Then an orange and a cup of strawberry yonanas. No kale all day!!! Not a good day for healthy eating, but no animal protein, processed food, or sugar—that’s good.

This was written on Tuesday morning. It reminds me of a book I read in the 1970’s, when the “women’s movement” was just coming into my view. It was entitled “Norma Jean,  The Termite Queen”. Here is the description of the novel on Amazon: 

“A 1975 novel by Sheila Ballantyne (her first) about a housewife who changes. “A crisis novel with the “mad” humor of those perpetually on the defensive, the rage of the frustrated, the dreams and the visions of the dispossessed. It is a novel for anyone who has known the struggle for fulfillment, or for anyone who sensed this struggle – without understanding. A novel for readers everywhere that shows how life plays tricks on us all.”

Anyway, one thing that I have remembered all these years from that book is a line spoken by the protagonist after she had become a world traveler and famous author. She was asked what she had learned from all her travels, and she said “Everybody f**** up.”

I am a 75 year old retired M.D. radiologist, always interested in staying healthy by eating natural foods and avoiding pharmaceuticals, four years ago converted to the Whole Food Plant Based diet and lifestyle by watching Forks Over Knives and Fed Up. This blog follows my path in sticking with this rather extreme program and keeping it simple, hopefully useful to others who want to live long and prosper without open heart surgery and chemotherapy.

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