About Vegan Granny, MD

I began college life at FSU as a biology major, pre-med.  I worked summers in the microbiology department at the U of F.  I took a post-graduate course in immunochemistry one summer.  I was sent to Switzerland to continue my research on white blood cell chemotaxis the summer before medical school began.  I graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1969.  Five years of post-graduate work, first as an intern in Internal Medicine, then two years as a Fellow in Cardiovascular Radiology, and two more years as a Resident in Diagnostic Radiology.  I had four children along the way, was divorced in 1979, and married Ed in 1985.  I retired after 47 years of radiology practice.

I am now 75 years old.  I’m retired from practicing Radiology.  Having found the Whole Food Plant Based diet, as described in the first blog post, at about the same time as I found out from a CT cardiac calcium score that I had calcification in all three major coronary arteries, I was quite motivated to change to the diet proven to halt and even reverse the disease.

Putting the plan into action required learning and planning, making mistakes and trying something else. I am making this blog to share the tools and processes which are working for me, in the hope that it may help someone else to NOT QUIT trying to implement this disease-preventing lifestyle.  I have the benefit of years of study in biology and medicine, and still, I had to watch a Netflix documentary to learn the most important thing about maintaining health!  I did not hear about it in medical school, but it does seem to be becoming more well known today.   I have been vegan and WFPB since  May of 2016.  I’ll include this before and after picture so you can see the external results.